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DJ Kass Sounds familiar right? You might have heard his name shouted throughout the clubs in the Bronx. Or maybe you’ve heard him in the clubs in Dyckman, or maybe it was that one time you were in the Dominican Republic. If you were unsure then, be clear now; it was DJ Kass.
DJ Kass, 26, a native of the Dominican Republic, was raised in New York City. Specifically, the Bronx and Dyckman. From early on, Kass was inspired by his father who was a well known local DJ. Fascinated by his father’s use of various instruments to move crowds, Kass was hooked from an early age.
Kass got his first opportunity to be a part of the hype when his step brother tasked him with carrying his speakers to parties. Like his father, Kass’ step brother was also a DJ. When you are surrounded by inspiration, it is hard to not be just as great, if not better.
Like all great artists who were empowered by a passion to create art, Kass would often secretly practice his DJing skills. Kass would sneak into his step brother’s room to practice when his step brother wasn’t around. This mindset paid off as Kass’ craft continued to improve. Soon, Kass was DJing private events like baby showers, and kids parties. But of course, Kass’ story does not end there. It was just beginning.
Kass’ continued improvement and diligence soon convinced his step brother Angel Tejada to take him to his own club gigs. This eventually led to Kass’ DJing gig at Palenque in the Bronx.
Kass distinguishes himself from the other DJs by being a combination of controlled “craziness” as he likes to call it. “What separates me from others is the craziness I bring to the table. I am very spontaneous and do a lot of crazy things when it comes to getting the crowd hype.”
Asked about his future plans, Kass immediately mentions his family. Family is priority. ”[My future] is something I often think about. I have two kids and my responsibility as a father is to give my children what I didn’t have. And to give them bigger and better things.” Kass also hopes to one day dominate the airwaves as one of NY’s premier radio DJs. Through music, Kass plans to provide a better world for his children. And he is succeeding.
When Kass is not running the clubs, he is practicing his craft. “For now, I’m currently involved in learning how to produce and create edits. I just want to be heard, appreciated, and known in this world for giving a great show and best of all, entertaining the crowd because I live through them.”
Living through the crowd as he lives out his dreams, Kass is fast rising as a premier NYC DJ.
That name you keep hearing every time you’re in the clubs? Now you know who it is. DJ Kass.

events April:
04/01: Tabaco y Ron (uptown)
04/01: Mimosa cafe (uptown)
04/02: Heavens (Queens)
04/03: Alex steakhouse (uptown)
04/04: Apt 78 (uptown)
04/04: Skyline (uptown)
04/04: Uptown Social (Uptown)
04/05: Club Miami (Bx)
04/05: Hudson River cafe (Harlem)
04/06: Hudson River cafe (Harlem)
04/06: Papasito (Uptown)
04/06: Hudson River cafe (Harlem)
04/08: Tabaco y Ron (uptown)
04/08: Heavens (Queens)
04/08: Mia Sushi (uptown)
04/09: Mimosa Cafe (uptown)
04/10: Alex steakhouse (uptown)
04/10: Arena lounge (Queens)
04/11: Mio Posto (Long island)
04/12: Luna Club (Providence, RI)
04/13: La Gloria (Queens)
04/13: Papasito (Uptown)
04/13: Hudson River cafe (Harlem)
04/15: Tabaco y Ron (uptown)
04/15: Mia Lounge (uptown)
04/17: Alex steakhouse (uptown)
04/18: Ghanata hall (Bronx)
04/18: Era lounge (Queens)
04/19: Phuket Lounge (Harlem)
04/19: Raine Lounge (Bronx)
04/20: Papasito (uptown)
04/20: Hudson River cafe (Harlem)
04/22: Tabaco y Ron (uptown)
04/22: Mia Lounge (uptown)
04/23: Mimosa (uptown)
04/24: Alex steakhouse (uptown)
04/25: South Beach (uptown)
04/25: Negro Claro (uptown)
04/26: Club Lit (Queens)
04/26: Raine lounge (Bronx)
04/27: Papasito (uptown)
04/27: Hudson River cafe (Harlem)
04/27: Mia lounge (uptown)
04/29: Tabaco y Ron (uptown)
04/29: Mia lounge (uptown)